Middle School: Message from Principal

Dear Friends:

Middle School is a very unique time in a student’s life. There are distinctive social, emotional, and academic needs and challenges that require professionalism, expertise, and compassion from the faculty and staff. The mission of our middle school is to offer a progressive, challenging, and competitive 21st Century Jewish and Secular Education that will prepare our students for high school and beyond. Our state of the art facility includes SMART Boards, Interactive Boards, Chrome books, and spacious classrooms. There is a 7000 square foot gymnasium, an exceptional science lab, and a media center. Our learning center provides extra help in Hebrew and General Studies. There are enrichment opportunities in each grade. In addition, our middle school is proud to offer the following to our students:

• A fully departmentalized program with experienced middle school instructors.

• A learning model that encourages differentiation and the maximizing of learning time which includes project based learning and collaborative groups.

• Performing Arts including art, music, and drama.

• Advisory program.

• Writing Workshops including “How to Write a Research Paper”

• A full athletic program including fitness, sports, and team activities.

• The incorporation of technology into lessons in order to enhance learning and in order to prepare students for the challenges of the 21st Century.

• A warm and nurturing environment in which students feel a love for Torah, the Jewish people, and Israel. • Team Building Trips and experiences

• Chesed opportunities

• High School Advisement and Application Assistance

• So much more… I have personally been an expert in middle school education for the past 28 years. When a middle school child feels loved, safe, and confident, he will thrive socially and academically. That is our goal for all of our students.

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Jennifer Davis