Middle School Students

Why TCA Middle School?


At Tenafly Chabad Academy Middle School, we nurture the minds and souls of all our students. Every single child has something incredible to offer the world – we see it as our mission to hone in on those gifts, polish them, and train our students to use them and make a difference. Through a top notch curriculum, instruction, faculty, and programming, our students learn to be excellent learners, and outstanding human beings who shine from within their innate potential. Empathy, curiosity, exploration, collaboration, determination, hard work, critical thinking, Chesed, and beautiful middot (characteristics) are the key tools we use, as we disseminate passion for Torah and personal growth throughout our students’ educational journey. 


In addition to an exceptional and comprehensive core curriculum that prepares our students for a successful high school career in some of the most competitive high schools in the area, we also immerse them with specialties and programs that enhance their emotional intelligence, confidence and empathy. Our students not only learn all the core classes they need to excel in a customized setting, they also enjoy the extra intellectual stimulation of Chess classes, Robotics, Coding, and Engineering, as well as artistic inspiration and creativity from their Art classes, Student-Run Clubs, and a strong sense of self.


Most of all, we celebrate the individuality of each student. Instead of putting them in boxes, we help them mold their own wings and teach them how to fly with them. Through many Chesed activities throughout the year, Bnei Mitzvah Club, and exciting onegs and celebrations of the chagim and Rosh Chodesh, we fill our students with love for Torah and mitzvot, and a deep appreciation for all the incredible things Hashem created for us in the world.


Our students become intelligent and confident mentches who are ready to conquer the world of high school and beyond. Most of all, they become part of the TCA family who is always there for them.


Would you like your child to have the tools to pursue and outperform his/her full potential? Please set up a time to speak with us today about how your child could benefit from our phenomenal middle school experience.