Tenafly Chabad Academy Elementary School

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A Superior Education:

Tenafly Chabad Academy (TCA) is a premier Jewish Elementary and Middle School that provides unique opportunities for every child.  From enrichment to remedial support, our top notch team of experienced educators customize every lesson to each student.  We are passionate about education, community and personal growth.  Our mission is to provide every student with the right tools to succeed.

In addition to the normal support, our Middle School has honors classes as well as two unique academic support programs. Our iWill and iCan programs gives the extra support needed to get our students on the path of success.

Torah Values:

At Tenafly Chabad Academy we inspire our students to get closer to their Jewish heritage by connecting with the Torah and Torah values. We do this by incorporating Torah values into everything we do every day. Our children learn torah values in every subject, from Tefillah to Social Studies to STEM to Chumash, we instill in our students pride in being Jewish and following a torah way of life. We welcome children and families from all Jewish backgrounds and strive to bring every child close to Judaism.

Our graduates are prepared for and have been accepted to the most prestigious high schools in the Tri-state area.